The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (beauty_embraces) wrote,
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

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Deleted comment

thank ya much!

i dont know you! haha

whole lotta love
lol, Thanks! Back atcha?
I'd like to be added. And, I joined your community because it's pimp.


Oh, and by the way, I'm Cory.
we have some of the same interests...

and I added you because...well, I did.

add me back?
Added you.
thanks i'll add you back.
hey! i added you. add me back?
sure thing.
Yes I am an atheist... and I need a friend ~tear~
ha. I'll be your friend.
By the way my name is Chris, some call me christ

hmm now that i think about it that's quite ironic with me being an atheist an all but yeah
haha. That made me laugh.
so do you require a donation or what
huh? For what.
Hi I'm Al from _emo_glamour. I happened to peek at your user info and found out that we have quite a few things in common. Add me?
sure thing. add me as well.
I was randomly searching journals n I came across yours, you sound pretty tight...add me!

sure thing. add me back?
I was rockpunk127, but I got a new name. I enjoyed reading your journal back in the day, and would like to read it again.

Add me?
sure thing.
add me
Oh Elica i love you. I just wanted to say that. And i miss you darling.
love you bunches
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