The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (beauty_embraces) wrote,
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Hmm..I just created a community so ya'll should just shut up and check it out. I recommend you join it also. Cuz that would be way cool.

This was made for kids to express their opinions, feelings and thoughts about Atheism, or anything that has to do with Atheism.

Feel free to join and promote on other communits and journals

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I saw your post in atheist teens and i wanted to read more about you, but your journal is friends only. Ive gone ahead and added you to my friends list, if you want to checkout mine go for it
alrighty cool. I'll go ahead and add you back. Thanks.
what about the agnostics?
yep agnostics also. feel free to post.
hey, you seem cool, i added you, add me back?

There's a darkness in all wanting,
My intentions all feel stained,
And the Devil keeps filling my glass tonight.
My adrenaline is clotting,
And the faces in here all seem strange.
But I just want to touch something that'll last tonight.

If I could just taste one sip of an answer,
Maybe I could break out of this drunkard's prison.
I'm homesick for a place I might have never seen.
Something more than these old feet brought me here,
So these feet can't take me away.
No I didn't get here on my own,
Whoever brought me here's gonna have to bring me home.

I'm a thousand miles from the chimera I chase.
Home is a sadness, not a place.

Jason Webley - Asinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Are you interested in a bass guitar.. Do you drive?
ummm. Yes I drive, and i dont need a bass for anything. but i might know some people who might.


14 years ago


14 years ago

pleeze join my communityy
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pleeze join my communityy <ljuser=suicidealliance>

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haha. sure!
you look like a mass murderer... will you be my friend?
lol. ummm...yeah